1. Top 3 Reasons Why You’ll Have Fun On Our Bayou Fishing Charters Whether You’re An Expert Or Novice

    Here’s the great thing about our bayou fishing charters...the fishing is good whether you’re an expert or if it’s your first time fishing. And believe me, we get our share of both types. So what makes our bayou fishing charters such a great experience no matter who you are? Our guides: Our guides know these waters like the back of their sun-baked hand. Experts love them because they handle a…Read More

  2. Some Definitions We’d Like You To Know Before Your Louisiana Swamp Tour

    When  you take one of our Louisiana swamp tours or engage us for one of our fishing charters, you’re going to learn a lot. But before you come, take a look at some of the more misunderstood terms you might hear. Brackish: While the word make sound harsh, it just means a mixture of saltwater and seawater. That’s because moving freshwater in the bayou is mixing with ocean water, and tides can a…Read More

  3. Some Information About The Speckled Trout You’ll Catch On Our Fishing Charters

    You don’t need to know much before getting on one of our bayou airboat rides, but when you’re out on one of our fishing charters you’ll probably want to know a little bit about the fish you’ll be encountering. Here’s a bit of information about something we catch every day, the Speckled Trout. What’s in a name? -  Our Speckled Trout (cynoscion nebulosus) is also known as the spotted se…Read More