1. After Your Louisiana Bayou Charter, Relax In Our Luxury Fishing Cabins

    It’s okay...we know that not everyone grew up on a boat, not everyone spent their days trekking the bayou, and not everyone wants to sleep out under the stars hoping that the fire keeps the gators away. When you’re on one of our Louisiana fishing charters, you’re going to get a bit dirty and sweaty. You’ll have your hands in the water, you’ll be in the hot sun, and layers of sunscreen wi…Read More

  2. Some Information About The Speckled Trout You’ll Catch On Our Fishing Charters

    You don’t need to know much before getting on one of our bayou airboat rides, but when you’re out on one of our fishing charters you’ll probably want to know a little bit about the fish you’ll be encountering. Here’s a bit of information about something we catch every day, the Speckled Trout. What’s in a name? -  Our Speckled Trout (cynoscion nebulosus) is also known as the spotted se…Read More