My story starts two generations before I was born. My grandfather was fishing, hunting and trapping the Lake Hermitage/Barataria Bay area in the early 1900’s. While my father learned a great deal from him, the fishing industry was changing with bigger and faster boats and he was able to venture out to the south side of Barataria Bay and then on to the barrier islands.

When I was a small boy my father built a camp on an island that is known as 4-Bayou Pass, eight miles east of Grand Island and unquestionably some of the best fishing in southeast Louisiana. The only way to get there was by boat, and our entertainment was to spend every weekend at the camp fishing in what is known as the Barataria Bay Area. I use to follow behind my dad’s skiff out to the camp in a small wooden flat boat so when we got there all the kids would have a way of getting around the barrier islands to fish. It seems my dad was always working when we got there, and we were always fishing. Little did I realize that the fantastic childhood I had was paving the way for what I do today.

I spent 34 years in the refinery industry starting out as a welders helper and working my way up to a project manager. The childhood memories of fishing were embedded in my spirit and I got my captain license in 1999. I retired from the refinery industry and starting fishing charters full time. I love taking folks fishing for one reason: it continually reminds me of how blessed we are to live in an area that has some of the best fishing in North America. Between the Bull Reds, Speckle Trout and Airboat Redfish Charters, we also just starting taking people on night time flounder gigging trips. It absolutely bring me joy when I can show folks a glimpse of the world I live in every day and then offer the joy of sleeping in one of our luxury fishing cabins.

Many times people will tell me that they have never caught fish like they did on my charter, and I always tell them I would love to take the credit, however, the truth is the secret is in the great areas we fish. I am truly humbled by the opportunity to show folks a good time on a fishing trip!