DSCF0133When  you take one of our Louisiana swamp tours or engage us for one of our fishing charters, you’re going to learn a lot. But before you come, take a look at some of the more misunderstood terms you might hear.

Brackish: While the word make sound harsh, it just means a mixture of saltwater and seawater. That’s because moving freshwater in the bayou is mixing with ocean water, and tides can actually change the direction of such slow-moving rivers and streams, causing the salinity to change throughout the day.

Bayou: While you can find swamps all over the world, bayou refers to the bodies of water in the Southeast United States that you’ll be fishing. It’s usually a part of a slow-moving river or stream, but can refer to similar lake water in this region. The bayou’s a beautiful place and a great, peaceful place to fish.

Swamp: “Swamp” is a catchall word that refers to the water-soaked areas of land, usually ones that are impossible to get through on a regular boat (though our airboat rides are much better suited to such areas of land). There are swamps all over the world, both freshwater and saltwater.

Alligator: If you see it here, It’s an alligator. If you see it pretty much anyplace here in the southeast, it’s an alligator. If you’re in southern Florida and are on the coast, there’s a chance you’ll see a crocodile.

So there you go…a few terms that are important to know before you come on one of our Louisiana swamp tours. Now that you’re ready, get ready to learn more and schedule a tour today!