1. Speckled Trout Fishing Charters South Of New Orleans Louisiana

    The speckled trout fishing here in Barataria Bay has been incredible so far, this summer. We are still catching very nice trout on the north side of the bay. Everything is late this year as the big trout normally this time of the year have move out to the south side of the bay and will spend the rest of the summer there. We are starting to catch some nice trout on the oyster reefs near the barrier…Read More

  2. End Of February And The Yellow Mouth Speckled Trout Are Showing Up

    Today is Feb-24th and the speckled trout are showing up on the oyster reefs right on time. All it took was a little bit of warm weather to warm the water up and the shrimp started coming in. We all know what happens when the live shrimp start showing up. That’s right, the food chain follows. I had two trips last week not expecting to do as well as we did. The first trip was Tuesday morning as I …Read More

  3. Early Spring Time Speckled Trout Are Showing Up On The Oyster Reefs Near The Barrier Islands

    This is the time of the year that I would normally say to start getting all your fishing gear cleaned up and ready for the first trip of the year. However, we are only in the middle of February and the water temperature is only around fifty-six degrees and the speckled trout are already starting to show up. They are not plentiful yet, but they are showing up in places where they should not be this…Read More

  4. Fall Speckled Trout And Red Fish Fishing Season Is Here South Of New Orleans Louisiana

    October speckled trout fall fishing season is getting started right on time. Had a group come down this weekend from Little Rock Arkansas and they had a fantastic time on the water catching some beautiful speckled trout and red fish. They arrived on Thursday and charted a fishing trip with me on Friday morning. With all the weather we been having this week regarding the east wind coupled with the …Read More

  5. Still Catching Big Speckled Trout On The Beach Near The Barrier Islands

    Here we are in the middle of September and still catching speckled trout on the beach near the barrier islands. I have been noticing the egg sacks are still full indicating the spoon is still in progress. We had a cool front last week and the water temperature was knocked down about two degrees. That is enough to trigger the beginning of the end of this year’s spoon. As we get a few more of thes…Read More

  6. Big Speckled Trout Are Still On The Beach Near Grand Isle Louisiana

    Well here we are at the end of the summer and still catching beautiful speckled trout on the oyster reefs near the barrier islands. We had a full house this weekend at Bayou Log Cabins Fishing Lodge. Some of the clients brought their own boat, some were in small cay acts, and others were renting our small boats to spend time on the water. Seem like where ever you went fishing this past weekend you…Read More

  7. Monster Speckled Trout Are On The Beach

    Monster speckled trout are still on the oyster reefs near the barrier islands. Today I want to talk about how important it is to monitor the salinity of the water and what to look for regarding the speckled trout bite. Sometime around the fourth of July the salinity level dropped under a five on my seawater refractometer. I noticed the bite dropped off along with the salinity level. The current mu…Read More

  8. Windy Speckled Trout Trips During The Month Of May

    So it is May and the cool fronts are still coming and the wind has been blowing out of the northwest for three days now. The speckled trout egg sacks are filling up and the spring season is under way however the late cool fronts are making things a little different this year so far. The brown shrimp were in and with the late cool fronts we been having they have been moving in and out with the blow…Read More

  9. Spring Speckled Trout & Red Fish Bite Is On Here At Bayou Log Cabins

    Had a trip this morning with a local group here from New Orleans. Two guys and there wises wanted to get away for a little fishing trip and forget about life for a day. I pick them up this morning from the log cabins at safe light and headed south towards Barataria Bay where we been catching limits of nice trout. This morning was a little different because of the north wind we been having. The tid…Read More