Had a trip this morning with a local group here from New Orleans. Two guys and there wises wanted to get away for a little fishing trip and forget about life for a day. I pick them up this morning from the log cabins at safe light and headed south towards Barataria Bay where we been catching limits of nice trout. This morning was a little different because of the north wind we been having. The tide was low from falling all night and we had a stiff breeze out of the northwest at about fifteen miles per hour. The tide just started to come in at around daylight and the water was dirty from falling all night. The water clarity at the oyster reefs where we been catching some nice trout at was dirty this morning so we headed back in a little bit in search form some cleaner water. We finally stopped at a place where the water didn’t look too bad. We were fishing live shrimp three feet under a popping cork and that seem like the bait the trout were looking for. We started catching some fifteen inch speckled trout and they were having a great time. After about thirty minuets of boxing up trout the pompous decided to move in or us and chow down on some of the same fish we were catching. Nothing will destroy a good fishing spot any faster than a pompous. We had about twenty five trout on ice and when they showed up that was the end of us boxing up any more of those trout. We decided to give the pompous that spot and left in search for another location. After all the pompous have more of a right to those trout then we do. We moved the boat three more times before we found another pretty good bite. The boat was position on this reef in such a way that they had the advantage over the guys. I kind of done that on purpose because the guys was catching more than the girls at the first spot. And believe me they were letting the girls know about it. Well they got real quiet when we finally got on another bite because the girls were talking trash back to them just like they were ripping the girls at the first spot. Come to think about it fishing is kind of like playing poker the more you win the more you want to talk trash and tell jokes and when you are lousing all you say is shut up and deal. It is very entertaining sometime on the boat watching folks how they behave when they are catching and when they are not. But I must say it is always done in a good way. That is what fishing is all about, you must realize that you are not going to catch a limit of fish every time you go fishing. If you did there would be no challenge to the sport and that is what makes fishing so exciting. Not knowing what the day might bring on is part of the excitement, of course if you were to ask anyone they will tell you that they would much rather catch a limit then not. We all strive to fill the ice chest every time we leave the dock but it wouldn’t be any fun if you limited out every time. We all must learn that fishing for speckled trout is like any other outdoors sport. the real fun and excitement is the hunt not the kill or catch. Waking up at five o’clock in the morning getting in a boat and riding out to the first spot and watching the sun come up out of the marsh, I must say is half the trip. Finding some fish is the other half. Of course during both phases of the trip you are building memories with who ever you are with. I always try to explain why we are positioning the boat a certain way when we park. Why we are stopping and fishing at one island and not the other one. Even why we fish live shrimp two feet under a popping cork at this oyster reef and three feet under a popping cork at the next one. It makes the day interesting for my clients and certainly sharping there skills in regards to fishing speckled trout. When people get off my boat form a day of fishing they not only maybe had a great time catching some fish but they are a better angler by spending the day on the water with me. That knowledge is something that my clients take with them and can apply to there next fishing trip with who ever they or on the water with. There is so much to learn about the habits of speckled trout and red fish that if we live to be one hundred years old we will never know it all. I have been fishing for close to sixty years and I still learn something about fishing almost every time I get on the water. It truly is a relaxing way to spend the day, have a great time, learn something new and most of all build memories that will last a life time.

Well when arriving back at the cabins we dropped the girls off at the cabins and the guys came over to my place and started helping me clean the fish. We ended up with sixty three speckled trout and four very nice red fish. Plenty enough for them to eat fried fish for dinner. After we cleaned the fish and had them iced down in there ice chest for the ride home, the guys went over to the cabins and cleaned up themselves for the ride home. We had a short time to say good buy and laugh about some to the things that happen on the water. What a fantastic day to say the least about meeting some very nice folks from New Orleans Louisiana.

Capt. Clay Showing Off Her 1st Bull Red
Her First Bull Red
Capt. Clay Bring A Stringer Of Speckled Trout To The Beach
Capt. Clay With Trout
This Guy And His Wife Caught A Beautiful Box Of Red Fish
Nice Day For Catching Red Fish

Bayou Log Cabins

Two Beautiful Country Girls Relaxing Under The Cabins
Two Beautiful Country Girls Relaxing Under The Cabins