1. Thanksgiving Weekend Speckled Trout Fishing Charters At Bayou Log Cabins South Of New Orleans Louisiana

    Thanksgiving weekend and we are still using live shrimp to catch beautiful speckled trout. This weekend I had two fishing charters with both groups being from the New Orleans area. The first group I had was a nurse practitioner from the VA hospital and his two small sons. His sons have never been fishing before and I can tell you that they had a fantastic time. I picked them up from the log cabins…Read More

  2. November Speckled Trout Fishing South Of New Orleans At Bayou Log Cabins Fishing Lodge

    Speckled trout are showing up in the shallow lakes and pipe line canals by the hundreds. Bayou Log Cabins Fishing lodge is located thirty-five miles south of New Orleans Louisiana and the fishing is fantastic this time of the year. This is the time of the year that the egg sacks go flat with no eggs and all the trout migrate in from the barrier islands all along the Louisiana coast. I always like …Read More

  3. Speckled Trout And Red Fish Trips South Of New Orleans Louisiana

    The fall speckled trout season here at Bayou Log Cabins Fishing Lodge is started to get heated up. This weekend we had a group of police officers and their wife’s in for some Memphis Tenn. There main gold was to do some fishing and have an enjoyable time with their wife’s. Ironically, we also had a judge and his wife along with a very good friend in from Birmingham Alabama. They didn’t know …Read More

  4. October Speckled Trout Fishing Just South Of New Orleans Louisiana At Bayou Log Cabins Fishing Lodge

    October is here and the speckled trout are starting to show up right on time on the north side of Barataria Bay. This weekend we had a full house here at Bayou Log Cabins Fishing Lodge. We had a group in from little rock Arkansas as well as a group in from Baton Rouge Louisiana. Everybody had on their check list to catch fish and it didn’t matter if it was speckled trout or red fish. I would lik…Read More

  5. Fall Speckled Trout And Red Fish Fishing Season Is Here South Of New Orleans Louisiana

    October speckled trout fall fishing season is getting started right on time. Had a group come down this weekend from Little Rock Arkansas and they had a fantastic time on the water catching some beautiful speckled trout and red fish. They arrived on Thursday and charted a fishing trip with me on Friday morning. With all the weather we been having this week regarding the east wind coupled with the …Read More

  6. October Speckled Trout Bite Is Right Around The Corner

    The September speckled trout bite is right on time this year. This is the time of the year that the egg sacks start to dry up and the trout began their transition inward to the shallow lakes, duck ponds and dead-end pipe line canals. We are starting to see the egg sacks going flat and the trout are not bunched up on the oyster reefs where we been catching them all summer long. That is a tell-tale …Read More

  7. Still Catching Big Speckled Trout On The Beach Near The Barrier Islands

    Here we are in the middle of September and still catching speckled trout on the beach near the barrier islands. I have been noticing the egg sacks are still full indicating the spoon is still in progress. We had a cool front last week and the water temperature was knocked down about two degrees. That is enough to trigger the beginning of the end of this year’s spoon. As we get a few more of thes…Read More

  8. Big Speckled Trout Are Still On The Beach Near Grand Isle Louisiana

    Well here we are at the end of the summer and still catching beautiful speckled trout on the oyster reefs near the barrier islands. We had a full house this weekend at Bayou Log Cabins Fishing Lodge. Some of the clients brought their own boat, some were in small cay acts, and others were renting our small boats to spend time on the water. Seem like where ever you went fishing this past weekend you…Read More

  9. Big Speckled Trout Are Still On the Beach Near Grand Isle

    This week I had a group in from Nashville Tennessee to stay in the log cabins and they wanted to do some speckled trout and red fish fishing charters. We started off Monday morning at daylight with a very light wind out of the northeast at about five miles per hour. After getting the boat ice down and loaded up with all the gear we headed south across Barataria Bay towards the barrier islands wher…Read More

  10. Monster Speckled Trout Are On The Beach

    Monster speckled trout are still on the oyster reefs near the barrier islands. Today I want to talk about how important it is to monitor the salinity of the water and what to look for regarding the speckled trout bite. Sometime around the fourth of July the salinity level dropped under a five on my seawater refractometer. I noticed the bite dropped off along with the salinity level. The current mu…Read More