mobile-main-image1It’s okay…we know that not everyone grew up on a boat, not everyone spent their days trekking the bayou, and not everyone wants to sleep out under the stars hoping that the fire keeps the gators away.

When you’re on one of our Louisiana fishing charters, you’re going to get a bit dirty and sweaty. You’ll have your hands in the water, you’ll be in the hot sun, and layers of sunscreen will be building up. And we realize that most people don’t want to sleep like that…they want to be tough in the daytime but return to the luxuries of the modern world (and feel very comfortable) at night.

That’s where our fishing cabins come in. They’re filled with the best aspects of modern life while still keeping you in the middle of your bayou vacation. The cabins include:

A shower: After your long day on the bayou charter, you’re going to want a shower. Feeling good just makes it easier to enjoy your time in the evening.

Central air conditioning: The bayou can be a stuffy place, and if you don’t have a cool place to head back to you might start to resent your time…and that’s not something we’re willing to risk!

Queen bed: If you don’t get a good night’s sleep, you’re not going to enjoy the rest of the activities on your trip. Our queen beds are extra comfortable and will allow you to recuperate before your next fishing charter expedition.

Fully-stocked kitchen: What’s the point of fishing if you can’t enjoy your catch. That’s why we have a fully-stocked kitchen in each of our cabins.

Satellite television: Yes, we love the bayou, but sometimes we just need to sit back and enjoy some Mythbusters or the movie Lake Placid.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to leave the bayou to enjoy all of these amenities. Our fishing cabins are right in the bayou, and each has a swing on the porch. Because even though you want to be comfortable, you still want to sit on the porch and realize that you’re on a wonderful vacation.

Check out our cabin rental schedules here and get ready to enjoy the bayou to its fullest!