October, November and December Is The Best Time Of The Year For Speckled Trout Fishing: The egg sacks are starting to dry up and the speckled trout are starting to show up in the shallow lakes, duck ponds and pipe line canals close to the village. This is the time of the year that the speckled trout will leave the barrier islands and oyster reefs where we have been catching them all summer and began to transition in for the fall season. All the shrimp and other bait feed are leaving for there trip back to the gulf for the winter months and the food source is lean for the speckled trout. With all the bait leaving this is the time of the year we start fishing with plastic. We fish with baits that looks like what they have been eating all summer so we find the speckled trout very aggressive this time of the year because there simply is not a lot of feed in the water. Fishing for speckled trout during the fall season is also very entertaining because of the fact you will be catching speckled trout and red fish in shallow water lakes and duck ponds. They do not have a lot of depth to go down once you hook them so there is a lot of top water action if you know what I mean.

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