It’s Sunday morning just cracking daylight and everyone got off to a great start this morning. Sold several hundred live shrimp this morning as that seems to be the bait of choice. There was a fishing tournament held here yesterday and all the anglers seem to do well. There were three categories, speckled trout, red fish and flounder. Mostly all the boats that came in had a box of speckled trout and plenty of red fish, however just three boats had some flounders. So that was the three winners because you had to have at least one of all three categories of fish. The competition always makes for a fun day on the water, but the real fun is simply spending the day fishing with friends and family. The memories you build while on the water fishing is unbelievable. You don’t realize the memories you are building until you get home and some time passes and then you find yourself talking about the fishing trip you had while staying at Bayou Log Cabins down in Lake Hermitage. It happens all the time people will call me and say we stayed in your cabins last year and was just talking about how much fun we had and would like to book a cabin for another weekend. This time of the year like I keep saying is by far the best time of the year for speckled trout if you have a small boat because the trout are just a few blocks from the fishing village. Live shrimp is still the bait of choice right now and will continue to be until we have a strong cool front that will drive them out to the gulf. Once that happens and no more live shrimp are in the shallows of the marsh then we will swap over to soft plastic and finish out the winter on artificial bait.

Capt. Clay With A Big Bull Red
Capt. Clay With A Big Bull Red

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Great Day On The Water For Speckled Trout Fishing
We Had A Great Time