Speckled Trout Fishing In July: This is the time of the year that the speckled trout are feeding on the bottom instead of the top. If you are used to catching speckled trout three feet under a popping cork using live shrimp, well you might want to change your method a little for at least the next eight weeks. All you have to do is take the popping cork off and start fishing the live shrimp on the bottom or pretty close to the bottom. I use what they call a sliding cork and the live shrimp will end up around two feet off the bottom. That is right where the speckled trout is feeding this time of the year because of the water temperature at the surface. The deeper you go in the water column the cooler it gets and with the hot days we been having I find the speckled trout are feeding much better at a lower depth.

Today I had the pleasure of fishing with a group from north Louisiana and they wanted to target speckled trout early in the morning and then maybe end up catching a few reds latter on during the charter. So I picked them up from the cabins at safe light and headed south across Barataria Bay with a slight breeze out of the south. The lake was like glass this morning and it was a nice ride across to the barrier islands where we been catching some nice speckled trout. We got on a early morning bite and the trout was all nice as we did not have to measure any of them. They had a great time catching a nice box of speckled trout and then we left the oyster reefs and headed to the marsh for some reds. We stayed close to the barrier islands near the gulf because they wanted to catch some bull reds and this time of the year the big reds are coming in to the gulf passes to feed. We caught some very nice bull reds took some photos and released them to fight another day. What a perfect day on the water with this group of folks and we took lots of photos for them so they can go back home and show everyone what a great time they had.

This Bull Red Made His Day
His 1st Bull Red
Bayou Log Cabins
Bayou Log Cabins

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This Was A Mac Daddy Bull Red
A Hugh Bull Red