Speckled Trout And Red Fish Charters Out of Bayou Log Cabins At Lake Hermitage, La. Picked up the customers today in front of the log cabins and headed south across Barataria Bay. The wind was stiff out of the southeast today and was not willing to ease up at all. Crossing the bay was a little tough however once we got to the barrier islands and was able to duck behind some of the broken islands we found some clam water. Along with finding some clam water we was also able to start fishing some clean water. Fishing about ten miles east of Grand Isle at a place called quarter bayou pass we was able to get on a bite and my clients went to work. Early this morning we got on a very good bite and starting catching some two and a half to three pound speckled trout and boy did they have a blast. The bite lasted about two hours and they started to slough off a little. However while the bite was on it was non stop action, I was ether taking a speckled tout off of one line for somebody or was casting another line for someone else. A few of the guys had a little trouble at first setting the hook but it didn’t take long for them to get the hang of it once they missed two or three of those monster trout. Around nine thirty we came back across Barataria Bay and got tucked away in some dead end pipe line canals to get out of the wind and found some rat reds to finish off the day with a nice catch of red fish. Arrived back at Bayou Log Cabins at about eleven o’clock just in time to fry up some fish.

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