When The Cool Fronts Come Through And The Tide Drops: Wow, this is a great time of the year to fish the cool fronts as they come through every seven to ten days. You see when this time of the year we normally get a cool front at least every week to ten days. Now the way to fish this time of the year is once a cool front passes through normally we have to wait two to three days for the wind to stop blowing and the clarity of the water to get back to where the trout and reds can see to start feeding. Also when the water is dirty from the tide range dropping so low and so fast it brings a lot of silt out of the marsh and shallow duck ponds that ends up dirtying up the water for a few days after a cool front. However if you time it right and wait for the water to come back up to a normal elevation and give it time to clean up, that’s when the speckled trout and red fish will feed like crazy until the next cool front. The pressure will drop, the wind will slack off, the water will come back in from the gulf and clean up. So it’s then that the fish will feed until the next cool front. You see fishing the fall season into the winter months it is simple, just plan your fishing trips according to the weather conditions mention above and your chances will greatly increase. Bayou Log Cabins is located in one of the best locations for inland speckled trout and red fish fishing in south east Louisiana. Feel free to give us a call if you want a fishing trip of a lifetime.

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