Speckled Trout And Red Fish Charters In December Just South Of New Orleans Louisiana: December Speckled Trout and Red Fish fishing is as good as it gets, as long as you are find yourself on the water before a cool front. The trick is this time of the year is to not go fishing twenty four to forty eight hours after a cool front. You see when the north wind blows with a cool front passing through the area it will blow the water  out of the shallow lakes, duck ponds and pipe line canals. That will turn the water dirty for about two to three days and during that time the speckled trout and red fish will go to the bottom of deep holes and sit there until the water cleans up. Than when the water cleans up after two to three days they will start swimming around looking for food because they are very hungry. That cycle will repeat itself all during the fall and winter season. So plan you fishing trips according to the weather and your chances will greatly increase. Keep in mind that this time of the year the food supply is down to hardly nothing so the fish are not picky on what to eat. I like to use a quarter oz jig head with a soft tail that has some color so they can see it with no problem. Cast and a slow retrieve will work it the water temperature is cold, however with my clients I like to fish that bait two feet under a popping cork.  Now fishing for Red Fish I like to use dead shrimp two feet under a popping cork and landing it at least one foot from the edge of the grass of the pond.

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