Bayou Log Cabins fishing lodge is located about thirty five miles south of New Orleans Louisiana in the hart of Lake Hermitage. Our log cabins have all the conveniences of home for your stay. Our customers are always telling us how great of a time they have when they come down for a vacation. While dad can wake up early in the morning and sneak off for a three hour fishing trip, mom can sleep in with the kids and wake up at a normal time and cook breakfast to start a day of fun on the bayou. As soon as dad gets home and start cleaning the speckled tout he caught the kids are ready to jump in the bayou for a day of swimming. Some time it is hard to slow the kids down for lunch, they just want to float out to the lake on inter-tubes, play on the jet skies and ride the small boat rentals we have. So day has the speckled trout cleaned and put away for a afternoon fish fry when the kids are ready to get out the bayou and satisfy one great big appetite. The family usually gathers under the log cabin for some great family time while mom and dad are frying the fish and cooking some sides to go with the catch of the day. After dinner is a great time to play some yard games with the family until the sun goes down to complete a fantastic day for the hole family. If you are really in shape and up for the challenge you can repeat all the activities for the second day in a row. I promise after two days of fun in the sun you’ll be ready for some rest and to start planning your next trip.

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