Speckled trout fishing in August is a great time of the year for the big yellow mouth trout hanging around the oyster reefs. Today I had the pleasure of fishing with a group from Baton Rouge Louisiana and we had a great time. I picked them up from the log cabins this morning about five forty five and we headed south across Barataria Bay towards the barrier islands in search of some big yellow mouth speckled trout. We had a southwest wind in our face at about eight miles per hour. With all the rain we been having I through we might find some dirty water as we got closer to the beach but much to my surprise it was fairly clean. We had to do a little moving around at first because the bite was not good, but we finally got on some nice trout. It was steady bite for about a hour and a half and that made it possible for us to box up some beautiful trout. Of course this time of the year you can hardly go to the barrier islands and not catch a few bull reds. Any time I am entertaining folks form out of town, it is a pleasure to put them on some of our old Louisiana style big bull reds to cap off a fishing charter. I think it was the best part of the day when we got into a school of those big reds. Took lots of photo’s so they could have bragging rights when they got home and for sure built some great memories that will last a life time. We had a nice ride back across Barataria Bay and clean all the fish, bagged them up and iced them down for the ride back to Baton Rouge. Another great day on the water from Bayou Log Cabins Fishing Lodge.

A Great Day On The Water
Dr. John & His Friend With A Box Of Speckled Trout
Bayou Log Cabins
Bayou Log Cabins

Nice Box Of Speckle Trout

This Was A Mac Daddy Bull Red
A Hugh Bull Red