I had the pleasure of fishing with a group today from New Orleans Louisiana. They were the owners of a well known restaurant here in New Orleans call Don’s seafood. We had three boats leave out at safe light this morning from the log cabins each boat having four hundred live shrimp in the live wells. We headed south across Barataria Bay with a slight wind out of the east northeast at about six mph. It was a picture perfect morning and the clearly of the water was fantastic. We went in three different directions to test the waters and where the speckled trout might be feeding. The plan was to call the other two boats in if one boat was to get on a good speckled trout bite. Well the phone didn’t have to ring because all three boats anchored down at the first spot and went to work catching very nice trout. The guys had a blast catching there limits of speckled trout of course to topic of the day had to be who had there limit of trout first. We all seem to finish up about the same time so we just called it a draw. I think the most important thing was that we all caught a box of nice speckled trout. Of course one boat was deemed the winner because they caught three monster bull reds and had quite a story that went along with the photo’s to prove it. Building memories is always the most important task at hand while taking costumers out on a fishing trip. They will go home and have a fish fry, invite there friends and family over and tell stories about who caught the biggest speckled trout or maybe who caught the most trout. You see it’s not the fish fry that will last in there minds, it is the stories or the memories that will last. Spend time on the water fishing for speckled trout and red fish is only half of the fishing trip, the other half is the good time you have while on one of our boats.

This Was A Mac Daddy Bull Red
A Hugh Bull Red
Capt. Clay With Some Nice Speckled Trout
Capt. Clay With Trout