Speckled Trout fishing in Barataria Bay Saturday morning was what I call tough sledding. We had a stiff wind out of the south west at about 20 to 25-mph. The islands is not large enough anymore to block that southwest wind and it sets the day up for some hard fishing. What happens is the surf will start to pound pretty good and with a incoming tide that dirty water will cover all the oyster reefs right on the inside of the barrier islands. Good thing mother nature will correct these adverse conditions over night and the next day with light winds the water is back clean the the speckled trout are back to there regular feeding habits. I had a group one my boat from Arlington Texas and they made the most out of the conditions we had. Rusty and his two sons stayed at the fishing lodge and were ready to set off Saturday morning at 5:30 am. We left the cabins and headed south across Barataria Bay for a bumpy ride. By the time we made it across to four bayou pass the two young boys were a little wet from the spray. Well it didn’t take them long to dry off because when we got to the strike zone we went right to work catching some nice size speckled trout. They were able to box up 32 beautiful speckled trout before the sun got too high and the bite shut down. We had a great time with the early morning speckled trout bite and then we came back across the bay and got into some nice size red fish. All and all we made the most out of a day that you could have easy wrote off for a non fish-able day. This family was great to fish with and built some very good memories during there fishing trip here at Bayou Log Cabins Fishing Lodge.

Tucker & Brennan Had A Great Time
Never Fished Salt Water Before.
This Was A Mac Daddy Bull Red
A Hugh Bull Red


Cabins On The Bayou
Cabins On The Bayou