Bayou Log Cabins Fishing Lodge is located thirty five miles south of New Orleans Louisiana and is nested in the middle of a two hundred year old fishing village surrounded by about one hundred and twenty five camps. The setting is located right on Lake Hermitage Bayou that feeds a five mile lake that has been deemed as a marine sanctuary. It provides a place for the small marine life to grow with out the threat of human harvest. It is a magnet for the marine life food chain in regards to supplying so much food for the larger fish of all kinds. Speckled trout and red fish are the main two game fish we have near this area that we provide fishing charters to the public. Of course there are seasons that we fish certain types of fish and other seasons that we fish other types. During the spring season we fish the speckled trout out by the barrier islands on the south side of Barataria Bay near the gulf of mexico. That is such a wonderful time of the year because it is the beginning of a new year and we never know what to expect for the new year. However mother nature has a way of repeating herself each and ever year. The trout normally show up ever year at the same places just about the same time as long as the weather conditions are the same. Sometime the winter will hang around a little longer and will delay the arrival of the trout a few weeks but as soon as the water temperature reaches a cretin point you can bank on it the bite will turn on. That spring bite will normally last until some time towards the middle of the summer, but once the water temperature reaches very high rangers the trout will seek deeper water because they will find cooler water. They are kind of like us they do not like extreme conditions one way or the other. Another determining factor that is very important is that they need bait feed to be in the area so they do not have to travel far to find something to eat. Speckled trout feed mostly on live shrimp during the warmer months of the year. A lot of anglers use many different types of soft plastic to fish with during the summer months but I can tell you first hand nothing works as good as live shrimp. Bayou Log Cabins Fishing Lodge provides live shrimp for many anglers in this area as we have one of the latest state of the art live wells right here at the lodge. It makes it very easy for our fishermen to lunch there boats and stock up with live shrimp for the fishing trip. We also have a unlimited supply of ice and fuel for our customers. For the folks that is not going fishing with one of our licenses charter captains and decided to go in there own boat we have everything they will need to make there day a fantastic experience. Now when the water temperature really starts to warm up around the July time frame that is when the trout bite start to slow down a little bit and the big bull reds start to show up. It is kind of like a smooth transition from one kind of excitement to another.  The good thing about it is our clients always have something to look forward to in regards to catching fish while on a fishing charter. The bull reds will hang around from the begging of July until sometime in October. Now as they will begin to fade away when the water temperature lowers because of the fall season starting the speckled trout will began to move back in on us by the thousands. Now when the trout move back in on us during the October time frame and the water temperature is cooling down the live shrimp are gathering up together for a migration out to the gulf. As the bait feed gathers up together the trout feast on the easy catch for food. What a great time of the year to plan a fishing trip when this feast is going on. This condition will last from the first of October and will run until sometime in December. Once all the live shrimp have left the area the trout will swap over the a diet of ditch minnows for the remaining of the winter. We know all this about there diet because when we come back to the log cabins after our fishing trips year after year and clean the fish we see what they have been eating. That information helps us to better understand there habits and untimely become better fishing guides for our customers. Fifty percent of our intention is to put our clients on fish, however is is also very important we cater to all people on the boat in terms of making sure everybody has a pleasurable time while on the water. Sometime we may have a mother with a small child that is worried about the child. Well our captains are trained that when they see that situation the captain automatically takes action and reassures the mother that the young boy is in good hands and as soon as she sees him catching fish and having a good time she will began to relax and enjoy herself. We learned a long time ago that catching a box of speckled trout and red fish is only a part of what we offer as making sure everybody on the boat is safe and has the opportunity to build memories is what we strive for on each and every fishing trip. Giving families and friends the chance to see a little bit of the outdoors in a safe environment is just what we offer. Building memories while on a fishing charter is something you will remember for the rest of your life.


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Her First Bull Red

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