Speckled Trout Fishing In Barataria Bay: Summer time speckled trout fishing in Barataria Bay is some of the best salt water fishing you will experience in all of North America. Our trips start out at safe light in the morning and normally last until 11:00 or until you limit out. Your captain will pick you and your group up from the log cabin right on the bayou and with a twenty five minuet ride across Barataria Bay you will find yourself right on the inside of the barrier islands on some of the most alive oyster reefs along the Louisiana gulf coast. This time of the year is the breeding season for speckled trout and they like to school up for both breeding as well as eating. The small speckled trout that have not yet reached adult-hood will tend to group up together as well as the adults that are of breading age will tend to school up together. It doesn’t take long when you get on a bite to see what size the trout are going to be at any one location. We are now fishing with live shrimp because the area around Barataria Bay is full of the new croup of 2016 brown shrimp. That is what is on the menu for speckled and that is what we are fishing with during the summer months. Our captains like to fish the live shrimp three feet under a popping cork. The hook used is a number six double extra strong bronze trouble hook. You will have to have a pair of needle nose plies on your side to take the speckled trout off your hook because the trouble hooks are hard to get out if you do not have one. Fishing for speckled trout this time of the year unquestionably is the best time of the year to fish trout. It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned angler or you have never fished before in your life our captains are trained to meet the needs of everyone who steps on one of our boats. We believe here at Bayou Log Cabins Fishing Lodge that it is not how many fish you catch that makes a great fishing trip but rather how good of a time you had while on the fishing trip is what matters. We believe that we can always teach somebody something about becoming a better angler while on one of our fishing charters. Building memories with your family and friends or entertaining clients is the corner stone of how we operate our fishing charters. Were always mindful of why you booked a fishing charter with us and do everything possible to make you speckled trout fishing dream come true.

This Was A Mac Daddy Bull Red
A Hugh Bull Red
Capt. Clay Bring A Stringer Of Speckled Trout To The Beach
Capt. Clay With Trout
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Bayou Log Cabins