February is the month to get everything ready for the spring speckled trout fishing season. That’s right, we need to get all the rod and reels inspected and cleaned up, check the boat and motor out to make sure everything is in good working order and most of all make sure all safety equipment is on board and ready if needed. Plan ahead and remember is wasn’t raining when Nora built the Ark.

Now that everything is ready to go the next thing I like to do is pull all the tides tables and moon phases up for the year so I can understand what times of each month is most likely for the speckled and red fish to feed. Always remember each month has two to three days that is less than four tents of a tide range. Do not go fishing on these days as with very little movement in the water causes the fish not to be active. Once all that data is collected you are ready to start planning you scouting trips. In the Barataria Bay area I like to start scouting for speckled trout sometime in March and by the time April rolls around I am booking trips and on the water with my clients catching fish. Always remember in regards to fishing that even though you do all the above that doesn’t mean you will catch a box of speckled trout and red fish every time you go fishing. However I promise your chances of catching fish will greatly in prove if you do your homework and be as well prepared as you possible can. The last thing I tried to do with my clients is to help make there day as relaxing as I can because at the end of the day, it’s fishing.

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