The speckled trout are moving back in the shallows along the barrier islands. I had a trip today with a couple out of Mississippi and we had a great time. I picked them up this morning from the log cabins at safe light and headed south across Barataria Bay towards four bayou pass. The wind was light out of the southwest at about five miles per hour. The clarity of the water was very clean and the bait feed was everywhere. Sea gulls were working the bait on the flats and the live shrimp was jumping out of the water on every oyster reef we fished. Well it didn’t take long for my clients to get on a good strong bite and the size was running about fifteen to eighteen inch speckled trout. It was fast and furious for a while there and then we had some big bull reds move in on us and that slowed the speckled trout bite down a little bit. It took them about twenty minuets to pull the two bull reds in and of course we did a photo section and released them to fight another day. They had never caught a bull red before so it was worth giving up the speckled trout bite for them to experience what it was like to catch a big forty pound bull red. We moved over towards the west about one half of a mile to the next reef and guess what, the speckled trout bite was back on. They were able to finished off there limit of fifty beautiful speckled trout before the sun had a chance to get real hot. We went over to the sand dollar marina in grand isle and had a shrimp po-boy and relax a little bit before headed back across Barataria Bay. We arrived back here at the cabins for about ten thirty and started cleaning up the speckled trout. After bagging them up in there ice chest and icing them down for the ride home the headed out. Now that is what I call a perfect day on the water.

This Was A Mac Daddy Bull Red
A Hugh Bull Red


Cabins On The Bayou
Cabins On The Bayou

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