Speckled Trout Fishing Charters At Bayou Log Cabins: This is the time of the year for some great speckled trout fishing. This morning I had the pleasure of fishing with Craig, Rodger and there wife’s from New Orleans Louisiana. I picked them up from the log cabins and headed south across Barataria Bay towards the barrier islands. We got a early departure and the sun rise was beautiful while crossing Barataria Bay. We arrived at the first spot near the barrier islands and it was non stop action. I had the two girls on the bow of the boat with me and the two guys was on the back of the boat taking care of themselves. The speckled trout bite was fast and furious when we got there and it didn’t let up for about two hours. The guys was doing fine in the back, but the girls was have a tough time throwing the line, setting the hook and getting the trout over the side of the boat while bringing them in. I had my work cut out for me right from the get go, however once we worked out of how to set the hook and how to lift the trout high enough to clear the edge of the boat they started catching up with the guys. Then the competition started between the guys and girls. I must say that it was a fantastic day on the water and a pleasure fishing with them. After boxing up a box a beautiful speckled trout we headed over to Grand Isle for a shrimp po-boy. We had a nice meal and took our time and came back north across Barataria Bay towards the log cabins. I dropped them off at the cabins so they could relax while I started cleaning the catch of the day. After all the fish were cleaned, bagged up and iced down in there ice chest we all sat down and told stories about who caught the most and the biggest speckled trout. I always say that catching fish is fun but it is no comparison to the memories you build while on a fishing charter. You don’t realize it but the entire day is jammed with things to see and do on the boat that gives you something to do. It is my job as your captain to capture all these moments on film as the day unfolds and e-mail the photo’s to you so when you get back home you will have the memories for when ever you want to relive the day with family and friends.


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