Speckled Trout & Red Fish Charters At Bayou Log Cabins Fishing Lodge: Speckled trout fishing during the month of April can be a little tricky with the weather conditions in regards to the wind. The cool fronts are just about played out this time of the year however the wind can be a show stopper if your not careful. One trick I learned a long time ago is that if you can get to the strike zone where the speckled trout have been feeding and the wind is blowing you might want to take the corks off and start fishing on the bottom. I find the speckled trout like to go down to the bottom when things on the surface get nasty. It is a lot calmer down there and much safer for them to feed with out all the special effects that the rough water creates on top. Now fishing speckled trout on the bottom is much different than fishing trout on top. A lot of times the trout will slowly take the bait and all you will feel is a small thump on the line, that’s when you need to pop it to him. It will almost feel like you are dragging the bottom while you may have a beautiful trout on the other end of you line. You will need to find a location that has at least six foot of water or more for this to happen, any shallower than that and the wave action from the wind will effect the speckled trout feeding on the bottom.

Bayou Log Cabins On Lake Hermitage Bayou: Our cabins are located thirty five miles south of New Orleans five miles off the main hwy in the middle of a two hundred year old fishing village. Our log cabins have all the amenities of home. Each log cabin comes with a full kitchen, queen size bed in the bed room, central air and heat, direct TV, swings, picnic tables and BB pits under each cabin. You can drive up to the back of the cabins and the front of the cabin is facing the bayou right on the water. It is a great place for family vacations as well as corporate outings. You can swim, fish, crab, float on rafts, ride jet skies and if you just want to rent one of our small boats and cruse around Lake Hermitage and the surrounding duck ponds and pipe line canals looking for that perfect spot to catch a red fish, we have plenty of spots to do so. If you are a corporate person and wanting to entertain some of your clients this is a fishing lodge that will surely impress them as well. We offer fishing charters of just about any kind you can think of and you can leave the pots and pans home because we have a full time chef on staff that will create your favorite meal for your appetite. Our mission is to make sure you have the time of your life while staying at Bayou Log Cabins and most of all, is that you build memories while staying here.

Big Bull RedCapt. Clay With A Stringer Of TroutLiving Room Of One Of The CabinsBeautiful Speckled Trout