This was a fantastic weekend for all of my launches here at Bayou Log Cabins Marina. Almost all the boats that came in this weekend had limits of beautiful speckled trout and red fish. We sold a lot of live shrimp and storm minnows to the fishermen for there trips. With this cool front that past through this weekend and with the one that is coming this week, it is driving the trout in from the barrier islands and the fall fishing season will be in full swing by end of this coming week. Once the fish get in the shallow duck ponds and dead end pipeline canals it will be non stop fishing until sometime in January. This is a great time of the year to fish with the family because you don’t have to travel across Barataria Bay towards the barrier islands to find a good bite. We are still fishing with live shrimp three feet under a popping cork as this will work fine until we get two or three hard cold fronts and all the shrimp move out the the gulf. That is when we will swap over to using a wide assortment of plastic baits. It is always a great time catching trout and reds in the shallow ponds because after you set the hook they cannot go down while pulling them to the boat, they have to fight you all the way in to the boat in the shallow water and it is a lot of top water action. You get to see a lot of trashing the water around and it makes for some great photos. A great way to entertain the family or some very important clients and the weather is great this time of the year. Building memories while catching speckled trout and red fish is just another way of life here on the bayou. Take lots of photos so you will bragging rights when you get back home or back to the office. Bayou Log Cabins Fishing Lodge is located right on the water and is a great location for a family get a way or a corporate outing.

Great Box Of Speckled Trout
Jimmy & His 2 Sons With A Nice Box Of Speckled Trout


Capt. Clay Showing Off Her 1st Bull Red
Her First Bull Red