Speckled Trout And Red Fish Fishing In Lake Hermitage: Today I had the pleasure of fishing with Sam and his wife Tammy from Jackson Ms. We was able to box up fifty five speckled trout and five very nice red fish near the log cabins in Lake Hermitage. You guys did a great job today and I do look forward to our next trip.We are still fishing with live shrimp this time of the year however in about three to four weeks we will switch over to plastic bait. Bayou Log Cabins has four very nice log cabins on the water with all the amenities of home. Capt. Clay will pick you and your group up at day light in the morning for a five hour trip of non stop action. The speckled trout are moving in from the barrier islands and starting to stack up in the shallow lakes and dead end pipe line canals. I fish out of a twenty four foot Bay Stealth with a three hundred four stroke Yamaha. Not to mention the shamano rod and reels you will be using to box up your fish for the day. When we return at the end of the fishing trip Capt. Clay will clean all your speckled trout and red fish, bag them up in zip lock bags then ice them down in your ice chest for the ride back home. Truly all you have to do is catch your fish and the rest will be taken care of for you. You can reach Bayou Log Cabins LLC at 504-912-8901 or you can visit our web site at bayoulogcabins.com. Again from now to December is a great time to book a trip for Speckled Trout and Red Fish.