Bayou Log Cabins is located about thirty five miles south of New Orleans in a two hundred year old secluded fishing village called Lake Hermitage. We have a five mile diameter lake that has camps along side of the water overlooking one of the best fishing locations in southeast Louisiana. We are looking forward to the speckled trout showing up in early March for the spring time kick off for another season of non stop action. That’s right, the specks normally show up sometime in March and get settled in for the upcoming summer. I find the egg sacks will start to fill up in the middle of April and the rest of the summer will be non stop action for our clients. We like to fish over the oyster reefs during the summer months in about four to six foot of water. As the water temperature warms up the speckled trout will get more and more aggressive.  Barataria Bay is full of live shrimp during this time of the year and that is what the speckled trout are feeding on so obviously our clients are fishing with live shrimp during the summer months. We like to put at least one hundred live shrimp per person on board for the fishing trip. If we have a four person charter than we will have at least four hundred live shrimp on board. We look forward to this upcoming spring and summer season and we also look forward to taking you on a fun filled fishing trip. Our mission is to treat ever costumer in such a way that great memories are made so that when you get back home and back to you life you will have photo’s of your fishing trip and good stories to share with you friends and family.

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