Speckled Trout Fishing During The Summer Months on the south side of Barataria Bay is some of the best speckled trout fishing in southeast Louisiana. Today I had the pleasure of fishing with a group from Houston Texas and I must say we had a great time. I picked my clients up from the log cabins at 5:45 am and we headed south across Barataria Bay towards the beach. The wind was a steady 8 to 12 out of the south southeast. When we arrived at the first location the water was fairly clean and the speckled trout bite was on. One thing about fishing during the week unlike the weekend is that we were the only boat on that reef. The speckled trout were feeding aggressively and the water was calm, so we were able to see the speckled trout two foot under the water and twenty foot away from the boat. We were fishing live shrimp three feet under a popping cork and the bite was as fast as the line hit the water. The folks had a great time and boxed up some beautiful speckled trout. The speckled trout bite starting slowing down around nine o’clock this morning and the trout started to get smaller. That seems to be the pattern lately, they feed early in the morning for about three hours then they slow down and the smaller ones start to feed. Anyhow we had a great day on the water fishing speckled trout and everyone on the boat caught several fish. Took lots of photos and built some great fishing memories. As I always say catching a box of speckled trout makes for a great day of fishing, however building memories while on a speckled trout fishing charter will last a life time. I always e-mail my clients photos of the day while on the water so they will have bragging rights when they get home. When we got back to the cabins they all cleaned up and got ready for the ride home while I was cleaning the speckled trout. After the fish was iced down in there ice chest we all sat around for a short while and laugh and told stories about how the fishing trip went. Seems we always have someone in the group that thinks he caught more trout than everyone else. Well as I said early it doesn’t matter how many speckled we boxed up, what matters is that everyone has a good time. Bayou Log Cabins Speckled Trout & Red Fish Fishing Lodge is a great location for your family vacation or for entertaining your clients.

Three Brothers Spent A Great Day On The Water
3 Brothers From Up North

Nice Box Of Speckle Trout

Capt. Clay Bring A Stringer Of Speckled Trout To The Beach
Capt. Clay With Trout