Today I had to pleasure of fishing with a group from Atlanta Ga. and they wanted to catch some big bull reds. I told them we would start off early in the morning fishing speckled trout and then once the trout bite slowed down we would try for some bull reds. I pick them up from the log cabins right at day light thirty this morning and we headed south across Barataria Bay with a goo stiff wind in our back out of the north at about 15 miles per hour. Upon arriving at our first spot near the barrier islands we started catching some nice speckled trout in about five foot of water on top of a oyster reef using live shrimp for bait. The guys had a fantastic time boxing up some beautiful trout and then with out moving the boat the big reds moved in on us and it was on. We boated six of the big reds before the bite slowed down. It took some great photos and released all the red to fight another day. Building memories is what fishing is all about as we get folks from up north that is not used to the type of fishing we have down here it is amazing to provide the opportunity for them to experience what we take for granted. We headed home with a nice box of speckled trout and a phone full of some great photos that will last a lifetime. Upon arriving back home at the log cabins the guys were nice enough to help me clean the trout bag them up and ice them down in there ice chest for the ride back home. Another very successful day on the water with a great group of guys and gals who was able to build some lasting memories.


Cabins On The Bayou
Cabins On The Bayou


This Was A Mac Daddy Bull Red
A Hugh Bull Red