SPECKLED TROUT FALL SEASON IS IN FULL SWING: Today I had the pleasure of fishing with Spencer and his wife Sherrie. We left the log cabins right around 7:00 am this morning and we had a stiff wind our of the south west at around 25 miles per hour. The water was not dirty so I thought if we were able to get out of the wind we had a chance to box up some trout. Of course this time of the year the speckled trout are very close to the village where our log cabins are located. We ended up in some pipe line canals that was somewhat blocked from the wind and they went to work. They had a wonderful time boxing up 50 very nice trout and had a very nice time. Our fishing charters are all about entertaining folks while on a fishing trip. While on a fishing charter with us we always try to bring every person to the next level while on a trip with one of our captains. We take the time to show folks not only where we catch but how and why we catch Speckled Trout And Red Fish. Being able to read the water and wind conditions is very important while on the water. Just because you catch Trout one day at a spot doesn’t mean that the trout will be there tomorrow. If you have a change in tide range, tide direction or a wind direction change it could mean all the difference in the world in regards to the fish bite. Each time you book a trip with us our captains will work with you to make you and your group better fisherman. It’s all about helping folks understand how and why the fish are feeding, not where.

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This Fellow Is Proud Of His Bull Red
Nice Bull Red Dave
Nice Box Of Speckle Trout
Beautiful Box Of Trout
Capt. Clay Showing Off Her 1st Bull Red
Her First Bull Red