Winter Time Red Fish Charters Are Starting Up: This is the time of the year that the shrimp and many other types of bait feed leave the shallow lakes, duck ponds and dead end pipe line canals for the winter. This changes the menu for the Red Fish and Speckled Trout. We will start changing over from fishing with live shrimp to artificial bait. I believe this is the time of the year that is best time to plan a fishing trip. The weather is nice the tide is low and all the fish are out of the grass and are consolidated in the duck ponds and dead end pipe line canals. I always look for the white cranes or the blue hearings walking alone the mud banks working the minnows that the red fish are chasing up. This is normally a dead give away that you will find a few red fish working the shore line. Believe me if you are not use to catching red fish during this time of the year you will be in for a awesome surprise. When catching red fish in shallow water you do not miss any action because you will be fishing in shallow water and the red fish cannot go down to deeper water, so you will have a lot of top water action. I always try to put my clients on red fish in shallow ware for that reason. Believe me it makes all the difference in the world when catching red fish in two foot of water. Give us a call hear at Bayou Log Cabins LLC and Lake Hermitage Fishing Charters and book your Red Fish Charter during the fall season 504-912-8901. Tight lines everyone and be safe on the water.DSCN0165DSCN0222mainbg-rev2-mobileabout-largefish1

This Was A Mac Daddy Bull Red
A Hugh Bull Red