This weekend we have a full house here at Bayou Log Cabins Fishing Lodge. We have four families in from Atlanta Ga. and they are having a great time with all this beautiful weather we are having. The guys got together Friday morning and took there own boats and headed out to catch some red fish because the wind was a little too stiff out of the southwest to try for speckled trout. They stayed close around the fishing village because they didn’t know there way around too much. I sent them to a few well known spots and they had a fantastic time catching red fish and much to my surprise some nice speckled trout. They came back to the cabins around twelve o’clock to get something to eat and of course there wife’s were a little mad that they stayed out so long. The totally correct answer they are said was “but baby we were catching so many red fish we didn’t relies what time it was. That answer didn’t go over too well with the girls because they answer back and said that if you would have answered your phone we would have been able to tell you how long you been out there fishing. The guys just hung there heads and took it like a good husband should have. Well to make things better after the guys BBQ some of the reds they caught that morning and everybody was full they sat around and told stories about the morning fishing trip. The girls was laughing at all the things that had happen on the morning fishing trip and were getting all pumped up for the evening fishing trip. It was about five o’clock in the late afternoon when they pulled out in search of some more of those giant red fish. They got three hundred live shrimp from me before they pulled out so they would have the best bait possible to entertain the girls. Well the way the story goes when they got back is a little bit of a debate. The girls said they out fished the guys, but the guys was telling me in privet that they put the girls on the front of the boat and close to where the red fish were biting so they would ensure the forgiveness they got for what they did that morning. I didn’t have the hart to tell the women what the guys told me because they were so proud that they out fished the guys. I say all the time how fishing with family and friends can be so entertaining. It really doesn’t matter how many fish you catch. What matters is what kind of attitude you have when you leave the camp. If you leave with the mind set that you have to catch a box of speckled trout and red fish to call it a good fishing trip, well then you may very well come back disappointing with how the day turned out. On the other hand if you leave from the camp with the mind set that you are going to be on the water in the outdoors for a four to five hour fishing trip and start to pay attention to all the wildlife and other sights you may very well see, the time spent on the water will be wonderful no matter how many fish you catch. Most of the time if you are enjoying you time on the water with all the sights to see you will be catching some fish as well. Making sandwiches for the fishing trip is always something that you will appreciate when you get out on the water because there is something about being on the water that makes most people hungry. That sandwich you made for the fishing trip would probably not taste good at home but when you are out there on the water, it taste like a rib eye stake. Funny how things always taste better when you are out camping, hunting or fishing. Sometimes I think we all need to get out in the outdoors more often so we can appreciate our lives at home with all the amenities we have at our finger tips. Well to get back to the evening catch, when they got home the guys started there post fishing trip chores while the girls started to prepare dinner. They went up stairs in one of the cabins as started getting the salad and vegetables together and the guys lit up the BBQ pit and well as plugging in the fry daddy to fry the fish they caught. I visited them for a hour or so while they were cooking and the girls could not stop telling me how they had out fished the guys. Having a few beers while they were cooking and hearing the stories of how the fishing trip went is truly what I call building memories while at the camp. Most folks don’t realize it but it is the simple things in life that we somehow remember the most.  Spending time at the cabins on the bayou and catching just enough fish for dinner can be the most rewarding vacation you may ever go on. I see it all the time when people come down for the weekend and everybody is in such a hurry to do everything they set out to do they sometimes miss out on just relaxing and having a good time. Remember to give yourself enough time wherever you go on vacation to enjoy the nature of what you are going to do. Our schedules are so busy while at work we sometimes forget to shift gears when we go to the camp or on vacation in order to get the most out of what we are experiencing. Quality time with friends and family is something we need to make time for because if you don’t make the time for it, you may find yourself one day when you are too old thinking why didn’t I make more time to enjoy the things I could have when I was younger. Happy Mothers Day To All The Women Out There And Thank You For All The Good Things You Are Doing For Our Next Generation. God Bless,

Her 1st Bull Red
Her First Bull Red

Capt. Clay With This Guys 1st Bull Red
Nice Bull Red

Capt. Clay Showing Off Her 1st Bull Red
Her First Bull Red
Eddie with a great day on the water
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3 Brothers From Up North