Fishing speckled trout in July and August can be a little tricky if you are not used to there feeding habits. All summer long you can catch speckled trout on top the oyster reefs in about two to three feet of water, but late in the summer like this the top two feet of the water column tends to get too hot for the speckled trout. The water temperature is much better when you get around the six to seven feet deep and that is where the shrimp and other baits are hanging around as well. Remember where you will find feed you will also find predator fish. So I tell my customers to fish with what we call a sliding cork. You simply set the depth of the cork by clamping the line at what ever depth you want the cork to stop at and your live shrimp hanging on the hook is setting about twelve to fifteen inches off the bottom. The perfect spot for a speckled trout to scoop it up while traveling the floor in the inland bays right on the inside of the barrier islands. If you decide to fish any shallower then that try to fish a area on the edge of a shelf that is along side of a deep area where the water is coming up from the deeper water over the sand bar. The water has not been at the surface long enough to warm up and the speckled trout may be feeding there as well.

Remember while fishing speckled trout during this time of the summer it is very important to where a wide bream hat and lot’s of sun screen. Drink plenty of water and move the boat from one location to another if someone start’s to get over heated. Safety is always important while on the water and that is why we pay very close attention to our customers while on a fishing charter.

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Bayou Log Cabins
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