Speckled Trout Fishing In Southeast Louisiana: Live shrimp is the key to fishing for speckled trout and red fish during the summer months. Here at bayou log cabins we like to put one hundred live shrimp on board per angler. Typically when we leave the log cabins with fore people on the boat we have fore hundred live shrimp in the live well. I promises it makes all the difference in the world between catching a box of speckled trout and just catching a few here and there. I often pull up on a oyster reef on the south side of Barataria Bay near the barrier islands and at a distance they might have a boat or two flipping plastic and catching one every now and then while the customers on my boat fishing live shrimp are catching one right after the other. One might think we are just in the right spot, however it is not that, the truth is we are fishing with the same bait the speckled trout have been feeding on for quite some time. When fishing speckled trout you never want to position your boat up stream of the strike zone in regards to the tide. Always park your boat off of one side or the other to where you will be fishing so that your boat doesn’t disturb the natural flow of bait feed to the location of where you are fishing. Just a few tricks to where and how to park your boat can mean a world of difference of catching a few speckled trout or catching a box of trout. Try and never position your boat in such a way that you are throwing into the wind or having to look into the sun to see if your cork has gone down. So catching speckled trout is not that hard if you follow a few rules in regards to positioning your boat when approaching your favorite fishing spot.

Bayou Log Cabins Fishing Lodge: Bayou Log Cabins is located thirty five miles south of New Orleans in the middle of a two hundred year old fishing village right along side of Lake Hermitage bayou. The serenity of this Louisiana fishing village will cause you to relax and enjoy your stay. Our cabins are fully equipped with all the conveniences of home, such as a queen size bed in the bed room, a full kitchen, central air, swings, picnic tables and BB pits under each cabin. Fishing for speckled trout and red fish is our main entertainment, however the bayou offer many other things to do. Swimming, crabbing, swamp tours, night time flounder gigging trips and air boat red fish bow and arrow trips are available.

What a way to start the day early in the morning catching speckled troutA peak into the living room of Bayou Log CabinsCatching Red Fish is something we do very wellSpeckle Trout And Red Fish Trip