Well today we have another cool front passing through our region and it is going to allow mother nature to continue the cycle of the fall fishing season that has been occurring since the beginning of time. You see the speckled trout move in from the barrier islands every year sometime in the month of September and will stay in the inland waters for a three to four month period during the cool weathered months. So every time we get a cool front to move through our area it only helps the process along with moving the trout further in the shallows of the estuary. The one thing everyone should know about fishing speckled trout this time of the year is that you always want to be on the water fishing during the time of a approaching cool front and you never want to go fishing forty eight to seventy two hours after a cool front. It normally takes two to three days after a cool front for the conditions of the water to calm down and for things to get back to normal for the trout to start feeding again. When a cool front comes through the area and the wind blows out of the north for one to two days it dirties up the water with all the silt coming out of the marsh and the trout do not feed when the water is real dirty and the high pressure is sitting over us right after a cool front. We normally have to wait at least two to three days after a cool front when the high pressure moves away from up and the water clarity returns before the trout will start feeding again. However once these conditions occur I tell people to fuel up the boat and get on the water because this is the time that the speckled trout and red fish feed like crazy until the cycle of another cool front will be passing through again. So always remember go fishing before a cool front and stay home and clean the boat after the cool front.

Capt. Clay Showing Off A Nice Speckled Trout
Capt. Clay Nice Trout


Capt. Cuz With A Stringer Of Speckled Trout
Capt. Cuz With A Stringer Of Trout