Today I had the pleasure of fishing with a Sterling and his wife Sandra from New Orleans Louisiana. I picked them up from the cabins at safe light this morning and headed south across Barataria Bay towards the barrier islands. The wind was light out of the north and the water was fairly clean. We arrive at the oyster reefs near the islands and beings it was a week day there was not a lot of boats out there. Sterling and Sandra went to work catching speckled trout one after the other as fast as they could throw there lines. Fishing two feet under a popping cork with live shrimp they were able to box up there limit in two hours. We had fifty beautiful speckled trout iced down in the box by eight o’clock and was headed back to the cabins for I call a perfect charter. They were very helpful when we got back to the cabins with helping me clean the trout while I clean the boat and fueled up for my next trip. Speckled trout fishing during this time of the year is fantastic due to the fact that the trout are just arriving for the summer and Barataria Bay is not quite full of live shrimp yet and the spoon is just getting under way. This season will last until sometime in September when the egg sacks began to dry up and the transition into the marsh will take place. The temperature is fantastic the wind is light and the water clarity is great. Bayou Log Cabins Speckled trout fishing lodges mission is to not only put folks on a great speckled tout bite but is to make sure we do everything possible to provide the right atmosphere for your group that everyone has a great time. Weather you are bring your  family out for a day of fishing or if you are entertaining your clients, it truly is our mission to make sure everyone feels conferrable while on the water. I always tell people, catching a box of fish is always a good thing, however having the opportunity to build memories while on the water with your friends and family is just as important. That is what our charter captains pay extra attention to while having a group out on a fishing charter. If you are a seasoned angler or if you have never threw a rod-n-reel in your life makes no difference to our captains, what matters is that everyone has a good time while on the trip.

Nice Mess Of Speckled Trout Bayou Log Cabins Fishing LodgeInside Of One Of Our Log Cabins Some Nice Red Fish