Lake Hermitage Bayou Log Cabins: The bayou is beginning to come alive with wild life, bait feed and people. I suppose the wildlife and marine life are just like people, as soon as the spring like temperature starts to warm up we all are ready to get out and enjoy nature a little bit. We have folks checking in for the weekend and the kids are playing in the back yard behind the cabins while mom is bring everything up stairs into the cabin and dad is lighting up the BB pit. I don’t know about the ground hog seeing his shallow, but when I see families coming down to the cabins for the weekend that tells me spring is here.

Speckled Trout Are Starting To Show Up In Barataria Bay: I had the pleasure of fishing with some guys today from Houston Tx. and we was able to get on a early morning bite of some speckled trout on the south side of Barataria Bay on some oyster reefs. The bite lasted long enough to box up some nice trout for dinner tonight. We had a light wind out of the southeast and the water was clean. The region  still doesn’t have the first crop of small brown shrimp yet but with these warmer days we are having it won’t be long before the shrimp start showing up. Once the shrimp show up the speckled trout will be following the bait feed. This is such a fantastic time of the year to fish speckled trout and red fish because of the temperature,light winds and clean water. Bayou Log Cabins is located right between Grand Isle and Venice Louisiana, just a perfect location for inland fishing. Our speckled trout charters are a first class operation from start to finish.

Bayou Log Cabins Speckled Trout Trip On A Great DayBayou Log Cabins Is A Great Place For A Fishing VacationBayou Log Cabins 35 Miles South Of New Orleans Louisiana Nice Box Of Speckle Trout At Bayou Log Cabins