Bayou Log Cabins Fishing Lodge is setting out to have a record breaking summer this year with both the amount of speckled trout we are catching and the amount of clients we are seeing at the lodge so far this spring. This is turning out to be one of the best spring time fishing for speckled trout we have had in the last several years. Don’t get me wrong our pass years have been good however this year so far is just turning out to be great year. The wind is stiff out of the south today at around 20 to 25 mph but that hasn’t stop the speckled trout from biting on the south side of Barataria Bay near the barer islands. We had a group today from Houston Tx. and they had a great time fishing today. Early this morning the wind was not to bad so we pulled up to the log cabins and picked our clients up and headed south across Barataria Bay, it was a beautiful sunrise this morning on the way to the strike zone. We were fishing with live shrimp and that is just what the speckled trout wanted. It didn’t take long when I saw it was time to take a count of trout we had in the box, I’m glade I did because we only needed 21 more to have our limit. The ride home was a little rough but we took our time and came back across and was home cleaning fish in no time at all. We will be frying speckled trout for dinner tonight and our customers will have plenty to take home to fry another day. Everyone on the boat this morning knew how to fish so it didn’t take us long to box up our limit. Not many throw backs, most of the speckled trout was running in the 2 to 2 1/2 lb range. Everyone has taken showers and is sitting on the swings under the cabins telling stories about who the the most and the biggest trout. You see at the end of the day catching a box a speckled is great but the boat ride out there seeing the wildlife along the way and most of all building memories with your family and friends is what it is all about. Once you eat the trout what you have left from the fishing charter is the good memories that you built to talk about with your family and friends for the rest of your life. Our charter guides main purpose here at Bayou Log Cabins Fishing Lodge is to provide that atmosphere so everyone can go home with not only something to eat but rather a wonderful time so you can share the fishing stories with you friends.

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