Starting To Catch The Big Trout In The Shallow Lakes: This is the best time of the year for fishing speckled trout in the Lake Hermitage area because of a few reasons. First of all the trout have moved in from the barrier islands to the shallow lakes and dead end pipe line canals for he fall fishing season. This means we do not have to travel as far to get to the strike zone. Right now we are catching very nice speckled trout with in a few miles from the village. As the cool fronts pass through and the tides increase the fishing will get better and better as the water temp cools down. The trick is fishing this time of the year is to try and book your trip as least 48 to 72 hours after a cool front. The water will clean up the wind settles down and the speckled trout will feed like crazy until the next cool front hits. This is a pattern for October, November and December. Most of the bait will leave for the cold season so the speckled trout and red fish are hitting just about anything you throw at them. Bayou Log Cabins LLC has four log cabins located 17 miles south of New Orleans right in the middle of a very well known fishing village called Lake Hermitage. You can visit our web site at to view our cabins or just give us a call at 504-912-8901 and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Come stay with us and book a fishing trip you will remember for the rest of your life. This is some of the best speckled trout fishing is southeast Louisiana. Build some memories with you family and friends that will last a lime time.

Capt. Clay With This Guys 1st Bull Red
Nice Bull Red
Three Brothers Spent A Great Day On The Water
3 Brothers From Up North


Are You Ready For A Speckle Trout Charter
Capt. Clay Going Fishing

Cabins On The Bayou
Cabins On The Bayou