Speckled Trout Fishing Charters In Barataria Bay: Today I had the pleasure of taking Dr. John and his friend Paul on a charter this morning in search of some large yellow mouth trout. I picked them up this morning from the log cabins at safe light and headed south across Barataria Bay towards the barrier islands. We had a little weather in the area this morning and it was a little choppier than it has been. When we arrived on the south side of the bay the weather had cleared up and so did the wind. With all the summer time thunder storms we been having in the afternoon I find the water clarity is not as good as it has been but never the less the fish must feed and that’s what they were doing this morning. We arrived at the first oyster reef around six thirty and again the sea gulls were working all around the reef. With a in coming tide we set the boat up on the south east side so the sun would not be in our eyes as we started to catch fish. We also set up in such a way that the boat did not interfere with the nature flow of shrimp and other bait feed flowing over the reef. Well after I did what I had to do with the boat Dr. John and his friend Paul went to work catching one speckled trout after another. It took about a hour and a half and they had there limit of fifty beautiful speckled trout on ice and was ready for the ride home. I treated them to a ride to Grand Isle for a breakfast at the Sand Dollar Marina before we headed back across Barataria Bay. Upon arriving at the cabins they were nice enough to help me clean, bag and ice the trout down in one of there ice chest for the ride back to town. Another great day on the water with some fantastic folks how had a great time and built some wonderful memories.

A Great Day On The Water
Dr. John & His Friend With A Box Of Speckled Trout
Bayou Log Cabins
Bayou Log Cabins
Another Great Day On The Water
Dr. John & His Friend With Some Beautiful Speckled Trout
This Was A Mac Daddy Bull Red
A Hugh Bull Red