Bayou Log Cabins Speckled Trout And Red Fish Fishing Lodge: We are located thirty five miles south of New Orleans in the middle of a two hundred year old fishing village. Speckled trout and red fish charters is what we pride our customer service on. We offer a full turn key service in regards to picking you up and your group up from the air port, all meals can be prepared for you as well as many different types of fishing charters. We offer day time speckled trout and red fish rod and reel charters, day time air boat swamp tours, night time swamp tours, night time air boat red fish bow fishing charters and night time flounder gigging charters. All charters are guided by a licenses charter captain that will do everything possible to entertain you and your group weather you are a seasoned angler or fishing for the first time ever. We believe that it is our mission to make you fishing dream become your reality while on a charter trip with us. I always tell folks that catching a box of speckled trout is only half the objective while on a charter with us. It is just as important to our captains that at the end of the day you not only have a box of speckled trout and red fish to take home but when you look back on the day spent on a fishing charter with us you realize that we made it possible for you to build memories with who ever you had on your fishing trip. Taking lot’s of photo’s of you day while catching fish and all the funny things that happen on the boat during the course of a day. I can’t stress enough that the most important objective of the day for our captains is to make you feel conferrable while on the fishing trip and having fun during the day so as the end of the trip you have lot’s of photo’s and good stories to share with your friends and family. All fish are cleaned, washed, bagged and iced down in your ice chest for your ride home when fishing here at Bayou Log Cabins fishing lodge. This is such a fantastic time of the year to fish for speckled trout and red fish because of all the marine life that is in the area. We pick our clients up from the log cabins and with a short ride across Barataria Bay we find ourselves on the oyster reefs near the barrier islands. Normally it is non stop action fishing with live shrimp under a cork as you never know what you going to catch because we are not to far from the gulf. When that cork goes down and you rare back to set the hook you never know what is on the other end of that line until you feel the first few seconds of how hard the fish is pulling back. It is such an exciting moment once you set the hook just to see how hard the fish is pulling back.

Bayou Log Cabins on Lake Hermitage BayouHer first Bull Red she ever caughtThis man has been fishing speckled trout all his lifeCaptain Clay bring a stringer a speckled trout to the beach