16009-bg1_bayou_mobileWe’ve all had times when we don’t catch anything. Usually it’s in a nearby pond, and the urge to fish is just so strong that we toss a line in. And we don’t care if we catch anything.

Your bayou charter with us is NOT one of these times. It’s our passion and our business, so when we take you fishing it’s going to be a true fishing experience. How can we be so sure?

We fish these waters every day: This is our livelihood, and we’re doing pretty well at it because we know these waters. We know where the Speckled Trout have been most likely to bite, where other fishermen have overfished, and where the boat action is most likely to scare them away. That way we can find you the perfect spot for your interest and aptitude.

We know the fish: It’s not just the habitat we know, but the fish in it. For decades we’ve been catching these fish, and we know their habits, where they live, and what they want to eat better than just about anyone in the world. So we’re very familiar with the bait and equipment to use to get them on the line.

We know the chances: Speckled Trout are one of the most popular recreational fishing species in the country. Because they reproduce so quickly in the area, we know that there’s an excellent supply where we live and work.

So when you come on one of our bayou charters (and hopefully stay for a few days in our bayou cabins) we know you’ll have an excellent fishing experience. Come on down to Bayou Log Cabins and catch some fish!