The speckled trout fishing right now out of Bayou Log Cabins Fishing Lodge in Lake Hermitage is absolutely fantastic. The fall fishing season is in full swing with limits of speckled trout and red fish being caught ever day less than one mile from the log cabins in our lake. The fish moved in two weeks ago and they just seem to keep stacking up in our lake, duck ponds and dead end pipe line canals. We are still fishing with live shrimp and the trout are feeding early in the morning and late in the evening right before dark. I had two families in the cabins last weekend and they had a fantastic time catching fish ever day they were here. The wind is calm and the water has cleaned up from the last cool front. The specks are feeding like crazy and they have some good size to them. Watching the weather report last night it doesn’t look like we are due for another cool front until next week so that means the fish will feed all the way up to the next cool front hits. Remember fishing trout this time of the year you have to plan it in such a way that you fish a approaching cool front. Never go fishing in the fall season the day of or the day after a cool front. The wind will turn out of the north and blow for two days and it brings all the top silt out of the marsh and dirty’s up the water and the fish will not feed until the wind calms down and the water cleans up. After a cool front normally a high pressure will sit over the area for two days and there will not be a cloud in the sky. It is not until you start seeing some clouds in the sky that the fish will start feeding again.


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Bayou Log Cabins
Bayou Log Cabins