Speckled Trout And Red Fish Inland Charters At Bayou Log Cabins In February: It’s early February and although the water temp is not under fifty degrees I find the trout are starting to transition back out to the gulf for the rest of the winter. Up until now so far this fall season we have been catching some beautiful trout in the shallow lakes and duck ponds close to the village. Now we are having to go out a little further to the north side of Barataria Bay to find a bite. This is normal for this time of the year as the latter it gets in the winter and the cooler the water temperature gets the further the trout move out towards the gulf. The cycle will start all over again sometime in the latter part of March to the first part of April as the speckled trout will start showing up near the barrier islands feeding on the first crop of small brown shrimp. One thing about mother nature is that she is pretty consistent when it comes to the food chain. That’s right when you can figure out how the bait moves from area to area then you can bank on it that the predator fish will follow the bait. That is another reason why I always like to fish the upstream side of a island relative to the tide while fishing speckled trout. It’s because of the bait will be bumping the upstream side of the island as the current is pressing the shrimp and other bait foods against the shore of that island. Also always try to fish with the type of bait that is more available to the area you are fishing. I like to use live shrimp in Barataria Bay.

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