Bayou Log Cabins Fishing Lodge is located thirty five miles south of the city of New Orleans Louisiana. We have a fantastic location for all your fishing needs. We offer day time rod and reel charters, afternoon air boat swamp tours, night time air boat red fish bow fishing charters, night time flounder gigging charters, small boat rentals and if you simply want to come on down and relax on the swings under the log cabins and cook something on the grill you can do that too. Our day trips start at safe light and will last for four hours each. On your morning speckled trout charter the captain will pick you and your group right in front of your log cabin and head out for the trip of a lifetime. Our season captains are all middle age guys who know the waters and have been fishing this area for over forty years. Our business mission is to do everything we possible can to show all of our clients a good time on the water by not only catching a box of fish but to also educated the folks on the boat as to why we caught fish on any particular day. The conditions from day to day and we have to fish the oyster reefs different many times. Depending on the wind and tide conditions from day to day determines a number of things as to how you position the boat and many other things. I never like to have my clients looking into the sun while fishing or just as bad trying to through into the wind. I also never like to park my boat up stream of the tide relative to where we are fishing. If you were to stop and think about the natural flow of bait coming along in three to four feet of water and then you have a twenty four foot bay boat parked on top of a oyster reef, that will cause the live shrimp and other baits to spread apart to go around your boat and then you are there trying to through down stream of your boat where there is no live bait. Well if the trout were there when you arrived they will surly move very fast is there is no bait passing for them to eat. These are just a few of the things we try to teach our clients while on a fishing trip with us. Most of the time we have folks on our boats that have boats of there own and anything we can help them out with to become better anglers is what it is all about. You see catching speckled trout is only half of what we offer, the other part of what we do is priceless. The tips you pick up while on the water with one of our captains will stay with you for the rest of your life and you can apply them every time you go fishing. That is what sets Bayou Log Cabins fishing guides apart form a lot of other guides.

The next thing you will experience is while on the water with us all you are going to have to do is fish. Our captains will take your fish off when they get into the boat as well as put a new live shrimp on your hook. So be ready when you get one in the boat to through right back out there for another one. Now sometimes when we get into a strong bite the captain can not keep up with four anglers bring them in all at the same time so you may have to bait your own line. From time to time we will have to move the boat from one oyster reef to another to find the bite we are looking for. Always reading the water direction and clarity so we will know where the best spots to go try. Sometimes if we have women on the boat we will take the time to stop off a marina over in Grand Isle for a mid trip pit stop. They have great shrimp po-boys and very clean bath rooms at the marina, not to mention a thirty minuet break in the air condition. Then we will start working our way back across Barataria Bay, what I call island hopping, fishing for the speckled trout on our way back to the log cabins.

Of course when we get back to the fishing village where the cabins are located, we drop off the customers at the cabins so they can go upstairs and cool off a bit while the captain will began to clean the catch of the day. He will clean the fish however you prefer, normally we flay the speckled trout and we half shell the red fish. After the fish is cleaned and bagged, we will ice them down in your ice chest for the ride home. Again service is our number one priory when it comes to servicing our customers.

After the fishing trip is over with and you head out back home you are bringing more then a box of cleaned speckled trout and red fish home with you. You will be a better angler for the rest of your life not to mention the memories you made while on one of our boats as well as the log cabin you stayed in. When you get home and start telling you family and friends about the great time you had and they start to question you about some of the things you are telling them all you have to do is go check your e-mail. We always send plenty of photos of the fishing trip to all our clients at the end of the day because we want you to be able to show your friends the good time you had. Believe me a fishing charter with Bayou Log Cabins is one you will not soon forget. It will truly last a life time.

Capt. Clay With This Guys 1st Bull Red
Nice Bull Red
Great Day On The Water For Speckled Trout Fishing
We Had A Great Time


Eddie with a great day on the water
Eddie with a great day on the water

Nov. Speckled Trout Catch
Nov. Speckled Trout Catch