Speckled trout fishing here at Lake Hermitage will be getting started for another season in about three weeks. I find the trout normally start showing up on the south side of Barataria Bay near the barrier islands sometime during the month of March. As the water temperature starts to warm up and the first crop of small shrimp show up the food chain will follow. As the month of March passes by the speckled trout normally will be plentiful around the shallow water oyster reefs on the south side of Barataria Bay near the barrier islands. By the time April gets hear the spoon will be in full swing and that is when it becomes non stop action on the water for speckled trout charters. This will last until sometime in September when the egg sacks will start to dry up as the water temperature will began to cool off a little bit. This is a signal to the specks to start there migration inland to the shallow lakes and pipe line canals near the village where they will spend the fall season and early winter.

So as I said early this is the time of the year we are getting ready for another spring season for some fantastic speckled trout fishing out of Lake Hermitage. Bayou Log Cabins is located thirty five miles south of New Orleans Louisiana in the middle of a fishing village called Lake Hermitage. Lake Hermitage is a two hundred year old fishing village five miles off the main road in plaquemines parish and what a great place to spend a vacation in one of our log cabins on the water very close to some of the best speckled trout fishing in sBayou Log Cabins Speckled Trout Charters In Barataria Bayoutheast Louisiana. Come build some memories with you family and friends.

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